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Rhinoplasty (preservation rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty provides a natural and aesthetic appearance to the nose in harmony with the facial features and ensures "comfortable breathing" through elimination of deformations constricting the airways. Following rhinoplasty operations, recovery is achieved promptly and the individual acquires both aesthetically pleasing and functionally performing healthy nose. Nose surgeries can be performed after the age of 17 for girls and after the age of 18 for boys. We do not have any upper age limit for nose surgery. What is important at this stage is that our patient is physically and psychologically ready for this surgery.

Aesthetic nose surgery is an operation lasting for an average of 2 hours and the patients remain under observation for the first day in the service after the operation. Contrary to popular belief, nose surgery is not a painful operation and our patients can breathe easily through the nose by means of the silicone pads used.

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Breast augmentation surgery (with silicone prosthesis)

It is the most common breast augmentation method we perform in our clinic. Hybrid or composite technique, in this method, anatomical prostheses are placed under the muscle membrane, the breast is enlarged, the upper and inner edges of the prostheses are covered with fat injections and a more natural appearance is obtained. We ensure that the breasts are enlarged both with silicone prostheses and with the patient's own tissues.

While anatomical prostheses provide a more natural appearance, they fill the upper chest and décolleté area of the patient better thanks to different shape options, and their edges are less palpable due to the gel content of different densities. In addition, these prostheses are more resistant to capsule development and future deformations.

Placing the prosthesis under the muscle membrane, that is, on the subfascial plane, also reduces the unnatural appearance and prosthesis sagging that can be observed in under-breast applications.

Commonly used submuscular or dual-plan applications cause two main problems: Displacement and distortion of prostheses during arm movements (especially during sports, when wearing a bikini or nude, these images can be annoying), the postoperative period is very painful and prolongation of return to normal.

Subfascial placement eliminates these problems. Patients can perform the movements they want without hesitation and can return to their daily lives 2-3 days after the operation. Our patients coming from abroad and abroad can travel on the 3rd day after the control.

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Breast reduction surgery (central pedicle)

I prefer to use the central pedicle technique in breast lift surgeries because my aim is to shape the skin and breast tissue separately, to close the skin without straining the skin without putting a load on the skin, and to minimize the scar that will remain. While deciding on the details of the method, it is important to keep the feeling of the nipple while giving an aesthetic shape, to move the nipple and surrounding tissues to its new place without disturbing the nutrition, and not to affect the breastfeeding feature.

In breast lift surgeries, first the skin is separated from the breast tissue, then the breast tissue is erected and the skin is wrapped around the erected structure without tension. With this technique, which I prefer in breast lift surgery, a long-term upright and shaped breast is obtained without disturbing the nipple sensation, without adversely affecting milk yield.

The advantage of this technique is that there are very few scars and young breasts are created by creating a beautiful décolleté as if a silicone prosthesis was placed.

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Lip Augmentation

The method applied to people who are congenitally thin or whose lips become thinner as a result of aging and are unhappy with this thinness, and the materials used in this process to plump and thicken their lips, is called lip augmentation.

The most used material is hyaluronic acid. Of course, not all brands produce the same effect. The filler used must be of good quality and proven.

Lip augmentation is not applied to the same standard places in everyone. For example, some people's upper lip folds are very vague. First, they are highlighted.

In some people, the rim is downward and supported. In some, the red part of the lip is unclear. It is mainly done in that area. By the way, age factor, colors and tastes are also taken into account. It is necessary to provide an aesthetic appearance. Lip augmentation is a 5-minute process, but the technique applied, ice application before and after the procedure is very important. To prevent swelling and stop bleeding quickly.

After waiting for the appropriate time, the distribution of the filling with massage ensures that the filling is spread evenly over the entire lip. Then, some filler is injected into the lip lines for lip contour.

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Push down rhinoplasty

It is the technique used in shaping the dorsal region of the nose in rhinoplasty.
In older techniques, the excess part of the nasal bone and cartilage structures (arch)
It is tried to be reconstructed by taking it with chisels or saws.


In this technique, the arch of the nose is lowered in the form of an elevator, while protecting the back of the nose. In this way, the natural structure of the nasal dorsum is preserved. It is an effective and safe method in suitable patients.


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Push-down Rhinoplasty

It is the technique used in shaping the dorsal region of the nose in rhinoplasty. In older techniques, the excess part (hump) of the bone and cartilage structures of the nasal dorsum is removed with chisels or saws and thus reconstruction is endeavored to be achieved. In this technique, the nasal hump is lowered in the form of an elevator, while protecting the nasal dorsum. Thus, the natural structure of the nasal dorsum is preserved. It is an effective and safe method for suitable patients.

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Ishida Nose Aesthetics

It is the technique used in shaping the dorsal region of the nose in rhinoplasty.

The back of the nose consists of cartilage and bone parts.

First, these two parts are separated from each other. The cartilage part is letdown. If the bone part is excess, it is cut out and a new nasal ridge is obtained. It is an effective and safe method in suitable patients.

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push-down rhinoplasty

Sometimes, rhinoplasty can be performed by treating only the cartilage tissues that form the tip of the nose, without the need for a correction to the bone tissues. We call this tipplasty. There is usually no need to use plaster, plaster is sufficient. Recovery after surgery is faster.

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty (with fillers)

This is a method applicable to people not desiring surgery for rhinoplasty and with the appropriate nose anatomy. This procedure lasts 5-10 minutes. Achieving effective results is possible by means of appropriate amount of filling in the appropriate places.

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Breast augmentation surgery (with silicone prosthesis)

Breasts are one of the most important elements of beauty and self-confidence for women. Breasts may become smaller, sometimes drooping, or may not reach sufficient size and size as a result of growth retardation due to reasons such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, weight gain.

In such cases, it is possible to create fuller, larger, more viscous, aesthetically more beautiful breasts with the surgeries performed to enlarge and plump the smaller breast. This breast augmentation can be done with the most suitable silicone breast prostheses. Sometimes oil fillers are used for a more natural look.(hybrid breast augmentation))

Measurements are made during the examination, and the size of the prosthesis is decided together with the person. Prosthesis placement incision: It can be under the breast, around the nipple or under the armpit. This is decided according to the patient's anatomy. The technique we use in most patients in our clinic subfascial (above muscle) is technical.

Round prostheses give the desired shape in most patients. Sometimes in patients who want a more natural appearance, anatomical drop We use prostheses. While anatomical prostheses provide a more natural appearance, they fill the upper chest and décolleté area of the patient better thanks to different shape options, and their edges are less palpable due to the gel content of different densities. The disadvantage of the anatomical prosthesis is that there is a slight risk of rotation.

The quality and reliability of the prosthesis used is very important. All used in surgery ID card of the silicone prosthesis has. Be sure to ask your doctor for this.

The operation takes approximately 1-2 hours, and 1 day of hospitalization is sufficient. Our patients coming from abroad and abroad can travel on the 3rd day after the control.

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Breast augmentation surgery (with fat filling)

Sometimes it is a method that can be applied to patients who do not want a large amount of growth in their breasts and who definitely do not want a silicone prosthesis. In general, an average of 100 cc fat filling, taken from the person himself, is applied in a single session. The desired size is reached in 2-3 sessions. Having multiple sessions is a disadvantage

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Breast lift and augmentation surgery (central pedicle+silicone prosthesis)

Gravity, weight loss, a heavy diet program, pregnancy and breastfeeding all contribute to the development of saggy breasts. Patients who are generally satisfied with their breast size but have sagging breasts can undergo a breast lift operation for more aesthetic, sagging and tightened breasts. Some patients may be unhappy when there is a significant loss of breast volume over time. In such cases, by placing a breast prosthesis, the size and position of the breast is increased as well as its shape and position.


The technique we apply to these people - central pedicle mastopexy - is prosthesis augmentation. The advantage of this technique is that there are very few scars and a very beautiful décolleté and young breasts are created.

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Breast reduction surgery (central pedicle)

By reducing the size and weight of the breasts, the breasts are given an aesthetic appearance in the same session. Especially as a result of removing the vectorial weight on the neck area and shoulders, postural improvement is achieved and physical relaxation is provided. Breast asymmetries can be corrected,
the breast can be erected in the same session. Large and disproportionate nipples (areola/nipple) can be reshaped and reshaped, low nipples and sagging can be recovered.

It has been shown that people adopt a more self-confident, “social and sportive” lifestyle, and that the positive results obtained after the surgery bring high psychosocial gains as well as physical ones.

With the central pedicle technique, breast reduction is achieved without any obvious scars.

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Gynecomastia – Male breast aesthetics

The presence of excess mammary glands (glandular tissue) and fat deposits in the male breast is called “GYNECOMASTIA”. This situation is 95% purely structural; It is not a health problem, it is an aesthetic problem. In ninety percent of gynecomastia patients, no cause can be found, there is no additional disease or condition that may cause a difference in hormones; This situation is completely structural.
Although there is no specified age limit in gynecomastia, it can be intervened from the age of 17. Because performing gynecomastia surgery as soon as possible is very important for the psychological health of the patients. Breast; It is a mixture of adipose tissue and mammary glands. In gynecomastia, there is excessive development of these structures together. In the past, these structures that could be felt by hand under the nipple had to be removed by making an incision because these tissues could not be completely removed with either conventional or laser liposuction. Today, real shaping is possible without cutting with VASER LIPOSUCTION.

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Cheek filling

It is the procedure performed to make the cheeks that have been emptied and displaced downwards with age or structurally fuller, raised upwards and younger. The fillings used in this area have a somewhat hard consistency and should be made close to the bone tissue. We generally use hyaluronic acid or hydroxyapatite (bone powder) fillers. Sometimes, this procedure can be done with the fat tissue taken from the person himself.
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chin tip filler

It is done in order to obtain a more pointed and longer chin tip in women with a wide and small chin. It is done to obtain an angular masculine chin in men. While filling the chin, a filling is made within the marionet line. The fillings used in this area have a somewhat hard consistency and should be made close to the bone tissue. We generally use hyaluronic acid or hydroxyapatite (bone powder) fillers. Sometimes, this procedure can be done with the fat tissue taken from the person himself.
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Jaw line padding

This is the process of defining the lateral line and corner of the chin and clearly distinguishing it from the neck. An improved anatomical and youthful appearance is achieved. The fillings used here also have a somewhat rigid consistency and should be placed in proximity to the bone tissue. We generally use hyaluronic acid or hydroxyapatite (bone powder) fillers. This procedure can occasionally be executed with the fat filling harvested from the individual itself.
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Lower eyelid filler – light filler

Alt göz kapağın da deri altında 3 adet yağ yastıkçığı ve iç tarafta tear through dedidiğimiz  göz yaşı oluğu bulunur. Tear through derinleşmesi ve yanak ile göz kapağı arasında çöküklük ve gölgelenme oluşması daha yaşlı bir görünüm orataya çıkarır. Bu bölgelerin özel ince kıvamlı dolgular ile doldurulması işlemine ışık dolgusu denilmektedir. Bu dolgular aynı zamanda üstündeki deri kaltesinide artırarak sonucu daha iyi hale getirmektedir. Göz kapağı ve yanak arasındaki geçiş daha porselenize hale gelmektedir.
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upper eyelid filler

There are cases where filling should be done on the upper eyelid, although not very often. It is especially applied to patients with aging, barber or structural loss of volume. It is useful for correcting the A deformity of the upper eyelid inner side in elderly patients. The results are generally highly satisfactory. A more youthful look is achieved.
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Temporal region filling

The temple, which is structural or due to loss of volume with advancing age, and the hollow area formed on the outside of the forehead can make the person look old and masculine. Filling this area allows us to obtain both a younger and less shadow-free upper face.
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Facial moisture and youth filler

Yüzünde kuruma,  küçük kırışıklıklar olan , nem kaybı olan yıpranmış ciltleri  daha parlak ve bakımlı hale getirmek için yapılan bir uygulamadır. Aynı zamanda tonus ve elastikiyet kaybını da düzeltir. Bunun için değişik firmaların değişik ürünleri bulunmaktadır. Temelde hyaluronik asit  olmak üzere cilde nem veren ve besleyici ajanlar  içermektedirler. Lokal anestetik ajanlar  ile uyuşma sağlandıktan sonra deri ve deri altına çok ince iğneler ile tüm yüze uygulanır. Uygulama 5-10 dk sürmektedir, etkisi yaklaşık 1 yıl sürer.
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Botulinum toxin administration

Özellikle kaz ayakları, alın çizgileri, iki kaş arası oluşan çizgilerin giderilmesinde   çok etkildir. Masseter kası dediğimiz kas içi uygulamalar ile yanak ve çene çizgisi daha belirgin ve gösterişli hale getirilebilir. Bu uygulama aynı zamanda diş sıkma sorunu olan kişilere de çözüm getirir. Gummy smile dediğimiz üst dudakta gülerken ve konuşurken  diş etlerinin görünür olması düzeltilebilir. Aşırı Terlemenin (hiperhidroz) tedavi seçeneklerinden biride nörotoksin uygulamadır. Koltuk altı, el içi ve ayak tabanı ensık uygulama alanlarıdır. Topikal anestetik ile uyuşma sağlandıktan sonra çok ince iğneler  ile yapılır. Etkisi 4-8 ay sürer.
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hand rejuvenation

With advancing age, parchment appearance occurs due to the loss of soft tissue under the skin, or people with structurally thin skin and those with underlying veins are candidates for this application. Hyaluronic acid, hydroxyapatite and oil filling are the most used materials. It can be done with local anesthetic application. Generally used fillers contain narcotic (lidocaine) substance. The process takes 15-20 minutes. Hyaluronic acid effect is 1 year, hydroxy apatite and oil filling are semi-permanent fillings.

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Face and neck lift surgery (endoscopic – face neck lift)

Since face lift and neck lift operations fall within the boundaries of each other, they are operations that often need to be considered together, but can also be performed separately according to need. Over time, the skin, fat and muscle tissues lose their elasticity and firmness, the facial muscles weaken and loosen, and the fat layer melts and becomes thinner. As a result, deep wrinkles on our face, sagging cheeks, wrinkling of the skin, sagging of our face together with the fat layer, a decrease in volume (atrophy) in the existing fat pads on our face and a flattening and shrinking in our face are seen parallel to this. It is possible to return the aging face to its appearance 10-15 years ago with facelift surgery.

If the facial deformation of our patients is very high, the entire face is lifted, and neck lift is included in the operation if necessary.

Due to aging, excessive weight gain and loss, genetic factors, loosening or lubrication occurs in the area under the chin, which we call the jowl. These developments cause skin abundance and facial deformation and make the person look older. Excess fat in the jowl area also accompanies this aged appearance. Sometimes, the neck may become unnoticeable as a result of the lubrication of the jowl area. Neck lift surgery is a good solution for our patients who are uncomfortable with this situation.

Today, it is an aesthetic operation that is preferred by our male patients as well as women. While neck lift surgery is usually used as a continuation of face lift surgery, sometimes only neck lift operation may be necessary. The neck lift operation is a completely painless operation. The patient is discharged after 2 days of hospitalization due to the drains to be placed under the neck. After the neck lift surgery, our patients will see that the chin and neck are separated from each other, and the chin will become clearer and they will have a younger appearance.
Boyun gerdirme operasyonu tamamen ağrısız bir operasyondur. Hasta boyun altına yerleştirilecek drenlerden dolayı 2 gün hastanede yatışını yaptıktan sonra taburcu edilir. Boyun gerdirme ameliyatı sonrasında hastalarımız, çene ve boynun birbirinden ayrıldığını, çenenin belirginleşerek daha genç bir görünüme ulaşacaklardır.

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Non-surgical facelift (with french sling)

It is an application that can be applied to relatively younger people who do not want facelift surgery and if problems such as cheek sagging, eyebrow droop, prejowl sulcus, mariannet line prominence and jowl are at the initial stage. We can convert the square of the face into a triangle.

It is applied with awn threads. These threads are divided into two as melting and permanent. The effect period of melting threads is 9-12 months. The effect period of permanent threads is 2-5 years. It can generally be applied with local anesthesia. Does not require hospitalization. With this method, face lift operations have been performed on older people.


Yaş almak ve bunun fizyolojik sonuçları kişiden kişiye, ırk, genetik özellikler, yaşam koşulları ve coğrafi bölge gibi faktörlere bağlı olarak değişkenlik gösterebilmektedir. Bununla birlikte ortak sonuçlar, cilt yapısında incelme, gevşeme, matlaşma, cilt altı yağ pedlerinde aşağı, içe yer değişikliği, bağ dokuda gevşeme, kemik dokuda hacim azalması ve buna bağlı görünür sarkmalar, gevşemeler, yüz yapısında yorgun ifade şeklindedir.

1- Medikal Estetik enjeksiyonu tedaviler:

Mezolifting: Mezoterapi yöntemi kullanılarak cilt kalitesini arttıran, cilt yapısını güçlendirip sıkılaştırma ve cildi parlatma etkisi olan özel ilaç kokteyllerinin cilt içine enjeksiyonusur. Seanslarla yapılarak kazanılan etkiler natürel olup, yıllık tekrarlamalar tavsiye edilir.

Botoks: Medikal estetiğin en bilinen ve yaygın uygulamaları arasındaki botoks, clostrıdıum botulinum adlı bakteriden elde edilen bir toksin olup, özellikle mimik kas hareketlerine bağlı çizgileri geçici olarak yok eder, düzenli olarak 4-6 ayda bir yapılan uygulamalarla özellikle üst yüzdeki çizgilerde ciddi tedavi potansiyeli vardır. İşlem sonrası etki 10 gün içinde oluşup, kişiye ve yaşam koşullarına bağlı olarak 4-6 ay sürer, özelikle üst yüz ve boyun gibi alanlarda germe etkisi daha belirgindir.

Dolgu (likid yüz germe): Hyaluronik asit, ca hidroksiapatit ve yağ dolgusu içerikleriyle yapılabilen bu uygulama günümüzde en sık hyaluronik asit dolgular şeklinde kullanılmaktadır. Dolgu maddesi uygulandığı bölgede hacim artışı ve buna bağlı bir lifting etki oluşturur. Temel olarak yanak, çene, şakak gibi alanlarda yapılan uygulamaların germe etkisi daha yoğundur, etki anında görünür, uygulanan bölge ve ürüne göre etki 6-24 ay devam eder.

2- İple Yüz Germe ( V lİFT/PDO İp Askı): Poliklinik şartlarında yapılan işlemler arasında en kısa sürede en belirgin sonuçları ortaya çıkaran yöntemdir diyebiliriz. Germe etkisi, direkt cilt altı asıcı bağ dokuya yerleştirilen organik iplerle sağlanabilmektedir. Kaş, orta, alt yüz, gıdı, boyun gibi bölgelerde uygulanabilir, kullanılan ipe göre etki 1-5 yıl arası devam eder.

3- Enerji bazlı cihazlarla ameliyatsız yüz germe tedavileri:

– Lazer tedavileri
– RF tedavileri
– HIFU tedavileri

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Neck lift with laser lipolysis

Excessive lubrication or jowl formation in the neck area under the chin can be corrected with the combination of liposuction and laser without making a surgical incision. First, the fat tissue is melted with laser cannulas, then the melted fat is removed with liposuction, and finally the skin is tightened with laser cannula. A younger and more pronounced chin-neckline appears. It is a 30-40 minute process. Afterwards, it is recommended to use a corset for 10 days. It can be done alone or in combination with other procedures.
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Cheek and eyebrow lift aesthetics (Temporal lift) (Almond eye)

Tight cheeks are an expression of youth. However, cheeks hang down with the effects of gravity and aging. So much so that this sagging can become evident enough to reveal the cheekbones. Moreover, these sagging tissues create a fullness below, at the level of the mouth.

A young, dynamic face should have a protrusion at the level of the cheekbones and a collapse at the level of the mouth. You can compare it to a pear standing on its stem. With aging (sometimes structurally – young) this pear tends to turn upside down. In other words, the lower part becomes fuller with the descending of the upper tissues.

The structure of the eyebrows differs according to gender. It is more curved in women while it is straighter in men. The eyebrows are in harmony with the eyes and nose in line with certain proportions and angles. Whether structurally or due to aging, low-looking eyebrows give the person an unhappy and tired appearance. Bringing the eyebrows to their normal shape and angles gives a dynamic look, while emphasizing the eyes, causing the gaze to be more lively and impressive.

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Upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)

Estetiğin ve güzelliğin değişmez unsurları olan gözler ve göz kapakları, aynı zamanda yüzde yaşlanma belirtilerinin gözlendiği ilk bölgelerdir. Otuzlu yaşların başlarından itibaren üst göz kapağında yığılma ve sarkmalar, alt göz kapaklarında göz altı yağ dokusunun dışarı doğru fıtıklaşması ile torbalanmalar oluşmaya başlar, göz kapağının boyu uzar, mimiklere bağlı olarak göz kenarlarında kaz ayağı adı verilen kırışıklıklar oluşur. Göz kapaklarına yönelik estetik ameliyatlar; göz kapaklarındaki yığılmaların, sarkmaların, torbalanmaların, çökmelerin, morarmaların ve “kaz ayağı” adı verilen kırışıklıkların giderilmesini ve bu sayede genç ve dinamik bir görünüm sağlamayı amaçlayan cerrahi girişimlerdir. Göz çevresi estetiğinde, üst göz kapağı kaşlar ve alınla birlikte, alt göz kapağı ise yanakla birlikte değerlendirilir. Üst göz kapaklarındaki fazla deri çıkarılarak yığılma ve sarkmalar giderilir, gerekiyorsa kaşlar kaldırılır. Göz kapaklarında düşüklük varsa, göz kapağını kaldıran kaslar kısaltılarak kapaklar kaldırılır. Gözlerde çöküklük varsa yağ verilerek dolgunlaştırılabilir.  Üst göz kapağına yapılan işlemler lokal anestezi ile kolaylıkla yapılablir.
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Lower eyelid surgery (transconjunctival blepharoplasty-without scar)

With advancing age or structurally at an early age, bags, shadows and wrinkles occur on the lower eyelid. At the same time, the tear trough, which we call tear through, may deepen. An unsightly line is formed on the cheek and lower eyelids. These mild deformities can be corrected to a certain extent with fillings. If it is advanced or a permanent solution is desired, surgical correction is recommended. The deteriorated eyelid and cheek relationship in the lower eyelid is corrected. The fats that are bagged on the lower lid are removed and carried on the cheek. If necessary, fat injections are made on the cheek and around the eyes. The technique I use is called -transconjunctival blepharoplasty.
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Lip lift surgery (lip lift)

Lip lift surgery is an aesthetic surgery that aims to lift the upper lip and shape/plump the lips. Lip lift aesthetics is a great option for people looking for a natural-looking lip augmentation effect. As a result of this operation, you will obtain a larger upper lip, balance your facial features and achieve a more feminine appearance. Unlike lip augmentation, Angel lip lift provides a lasting effect for many years.

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Bichectomy (cheek thinning aesthetics)

In aesthetic surgery, excess fat on the cheeks can be removed by bichectomy technique. Cheek liposuction is a minimally invasive technique. It is performed through the mouth without leaving any marks on the cheek.
The facial area can become excessively oily over time due to aging or weight gain. With the cheek fat removal procedure, the contour of the face can be reshaped by removing excess fat on the cheek. It is an approach used in aesthetic surgery as one of the facial rejuvenation and thinning aesthetic procedures.
There are buccal fat pads in the natural structure of the cheeks, and as the person ages, these fat pads intensify and a plump-cheeked appearance emerges. This is an area of fat that is difficult to lose once it has accumulated. The buccal fat removal procedure targets these buccal fat pads.

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Prominent ear surgery-otoplasty

Otoplasty surgery is performed to correct the prominent ear appearance, that is, to create the missing ear fold and to reduce the ear opening to its natural level.
Ear cartilage development occurs almost completely by the age of five or six. Therefore, otoplasty surgery can be performed at any age over the age of five. Performing the surgery in preschool prevents the child from being psychologically affected negatively by preventing inappropriate behaviors from his peers at school due to the ear structure of the child.
The surgery is performed under general anesthesia in children and under general or local anesthesia in adults. The surgical method differs for each ear. In order to eliminate the pathology, procedures such as reshaping the cartilage, cartilage thinning, cartilage removal, removal of excess skin are applied individually or in combination

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lipomatic liposuction (fat removal)

lipomatic; It is a liposuction device. It provides the opportunity to take up to 12 liters of oil in one go. It has a much more permanent effect than other fat removal methods or sessional procedures applied on the skin.
Recovery time after lipomatic liposuction is very short. Generally, our patients can return to their daily activities after 2 days, travel and continue all their social activities.
Lipomatic applications can be applied with local (sedation - semi-asleep) or general anesthesia. If the amount of fat to be taken is 1-2 liters, local anesthesia should be applied, and if it is more, general anesthesia should be applied. The duration of action of local anesthesia is limited. Long-term local anesthesia may cause respiratory problems. For this reason, general anesthesia is the healthiest.

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Vaser Liposuction

 It is a device that helps liposuction, which is used to melt fat with the help of ultrasound energy before liposuction and to tighten the skin after liposuction. Less edema and bleeding occur with this device. Therefore, it is possible to work more extensively and the bruising after the procedure is less. In addition, fat can be removed more smoothly, the fluctuation problem in classical liposuction occurs less. It is an indispensable device in liposuction for revealing the muscles we call six pack. Six pack aesthetics; It is especially applied to people who do sports and have abdominal muscles but cannot achieve the desired appearance due to fat accumulation. By removing the abdominal fat in detail, a more sporty and aesthetic appearance can be achieved.
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Laser Liposuction

Liposakşın öncesi laser enerjisi yardımı ile yağların eritilmesi ve liposakşın sonrası,  yapılan bölgedeki derinin sıkılaştırılması amaçlı kullanılanılan liposakşına yardım eden bir cihazdır. Bu cihaz ile daha az ödem ve kanama oluşmaktadır. Vaserden farklı olarak deride sıkılaştırma etkisi daha fazladır. Deride sıkılaştırma ihtiyacının fazla olduğu bölgelerde (boyun, kol, uyluk iç yüz) tercih edilir.
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Abdominal stretching and shaping surgery

Abdominal stretching; It is an operation in which excess loose and cracked skin is removed to have a flatter, firmer and crack-free abdomen.
Especially people who have a deformed abdomen after birth, people with cracked, loose and sagging skin are suitable for tummy tuck surgery. Abdominoplasty performed under general anesthesia takes approximately 2-3 hours. Excess skin is removed and the abdominal muscles are tightened. The location of the belly button is also changed. If necessary, liposuction is also performed for the remaining fat. After the operation, you stay in the hospital for 2 nights and you can return to normal life within 1 week. A corset should be used for an average of 1 month and movements that force the abdominal region should be avoided. It takes 3-6 months to achieve the desired

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Mini tummy tuck and liposuction – lipoabdominoplasty

It is applied to people with medium-sized excess fat and skin in the abdomen. There is no need to change the location of the belly button. Excess skin is removed with an incision on the pubis that is not long (same as the cesarean section). Other parts are corrected with liposuction. It is a lighter operation compared to full tummy tuck surgery. In general, vaser or laser lipo devices are used as an aid. Return to social life is very fast.
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360 degree (circumferential) abdominoplasty

In addition to the excess in the anterior region of the abdomen, excess skin and fat may occur on the sides and waist region. This is especially common in people who gain and lose excessive weight (eg, people who have undergone bariatric surgery). And all-around (circumferential) abdominal and waist stretching is performed.
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Post-Bariatric surgery

Post-bariatric surgery (aesthetics after obesity treatment) includes tummy tuck, thigh (leg) stretching, arm lift, breast reduction, recovery, lift, butt lift, and liposuction or various fat injection procedures as needed. These surgeries are planned according to a certain order, and the operations are completed at certain intervals. Since the operations are surgical, they are performed under general anesthesia.

After the desired change in the body is completed with post bariatric surgery (aesthetics after obesity treatment), plastic surgery procedures come to the aesthetic touches on the face. Depending on the condition of the sagging on the face, face lift, eyebrow, forehead lift, various filling applications may be required.

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Male Tummy Shaping (six pack)

Six pack estetiği ; özellikle spor yapan ve karın kası olan ama yağ birikiminden dolayı istediği görüntüye kavuşamayan kişilere yapılır. Karın bölgesi yağların detaylı olarak alınması  ile daha sportif ve estetik bir görünüme sahip olunabilir.  Spor yapmayan karın kası gergin ve güçlü olmayan kişlerde etkili değildir. Ameliyat 3-4 saat sürer. Genlede vaser lipo yardımı ile yapılır. Hastanede 1 gün yatış yeterlidir.
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Arm lift aesthetics

Arm lift aesthetics is a procedure usually performed on the upper arm. If the fat and skin tissue in your upper arm is disproportionately higher than your lower arm, you are a suitable candidate for arm lift surgery.

Arm stretching operation is performed under general anesthesia, the painkillers given afterwards are for the comfort of the patient. During the arm lift operation, a long incision is made from the inner lower part of the arm. Excess fat, inner skin tissue and skin are removed and a thin suture is made. These sutures are made with absorbable medical threads that disappear over time.

The arm lift operation takes an average of 1 hour, you can go home the next day after resting in the hospital for one day. After 1 week, you can resume your normal social life.

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Thigh lift aesthetics

Kişiler fazla kilo kaybı yaşadıklarında, hamilelik dönemlerinden sonra ya da yaşlarının ilerlemesi ile beraber uyluk olarak da adlandırılan üst bacak bölgelerinde çeşitli yağlanma ve sarkmalar ile karşı karşıya kalabilirler. Bu durum hem hastanın estetik anlamda hoşnutsuz kalmasına sebep olabilmekle beraber hem de hastanın yürürken rahatsız olmasına neden olup konforunu da bozabilmektedir. O nedenle bazı hastalar uyluk germe (üst bacak germe) operasyonuna ihtiyaç duyabilirler. Uyluk germe ameliyatı öncesi değerlendirmede uyluk iç ve arka kısmındaki yağ dokusunun miktarı ve sarkıklığın derecesine dikkat edilir. Ayrıca ameliyat sonrası gelişecek yara izi ve yeri hakkında hastaya ayrıntılı bilgi verilir. Yara izi, bacak germe ameliyatlarında uyluğun iç kısmında ve kasık bölgede kalmaktadır. Bu bölgeler dışarıdan bakılınca en az gözüken yerlerdir.
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leg aesthetics

In the leg area, there may be problems such as wide distance between the two legs (-o-leg), ankle thickness, excess fat and skin in the inner part of the knee. These problems can be corrected with operations such as fat filling, silicone prosthesis placement (calf implant), liposuction. People can have legs that look more straight and hammer.

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Buttock aesthetics-BBL (fat, prosthesis)

The human body consists of curved structures to a certain extent. While the waist area is curved inward, the butt should protrude outward. Therefore, butt shaping processes; These are aesthetic procedures performed with combined liposuction on the back and waist area. It is absolutely necessary to create an inward curve, to remove the hip area bagels with liposuction, to remove the regional fat excess in the inner thigh area with liposuction. Basically, hip aesthetics can be divided into three: Hip butt aesthetics, plumping and shaping, Hip butt lift, Hip butt reduction.

There are many different surgical procedures in Buttock Aesthetics. The most common of these are:

Fat injection: It is the process of removing fat from the hip, waist, lower and outer sides of the butt with laser liposuction and thin cannulas. The fat taken from the person is concentrated by special processes and placed on the upper part of the butt. In this way, the butt becomes full.

Buttock Prosthesis:Silicone prostheses can be used in cases where the fat on the butt is not sufficient above the fullness level. This process allows the butt to protrude backwards and stay high. Applied prostheses are products specially designed for hips.

Hip Lifting:It is the process of removing the skin from the lower abdomen and the top of the buttocks in people who have lost a lot of weight and have sagging and collapse in the skin, and lifting the entire hip area up with the suspension process. In patients with medium and good skin quality, adipose tissue injection or prosthesis application may be sufficient.

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genital aesthetics

Physical and aesthetic problems in the person's genital area can disrupt your personal quality of life and the excitement of sexual life. The surgery performed to reduce these problems can be called genital area aesthetic operation. Many women have problems with their genital areas from birth or after giving birth or due to aging. These problems can adversely affect the sexual lives of women and their partners. Deformities of the vaginal lips; The operation is performed due to unsymmetrical and sagging conditions. Genital area aesthetics can be applied alone or in combination according to the physical needs of the person.

Fat injections:After excessive weight loss, with the effect of gravity and age, the genital area loses its fat tissue, the outer lips of the vagina become hollow and droop. The adipose tissue taken from another part of the body is purified by processing and given to both the pubic region and the outer lips. Thus, a full and youthful appearance is obtained in the genital area.

Labiaplasty: It is the surgical procedure of reducing the inner lip due to the difference in shape, size and appearance in the female external genitalia. While the labial droop is 1.5 cm in the normal patient, it is approximately 4 cm in the patients who apply for labiaplasty. In the reduction process, the desired aesthetic appearance should be gained and the sensory ends should be protected.

Vaginoplasty: Also known as vaginal tightening. It is the intervention of the loosening of the outer wall of the vagina in the genital area as a result of increased flexibility in women after pregnancy and childbirth. This problem can be resolved by narrowing the vagina with a simple surgical procedure.

Penis enlargement surgery: Lengthening and thickening of the functionally adequate but psychologically small penis can be performed. The hospital stay is 1 day. People can travel the day after surgery. They can go home.

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Breast asymmetry – Nipple repair

Reasons such as the differences in size and smallness between the breasts, the fact that the nipple or heads are not in an ideal size and position both with each other and with the whole breast make the breast asymmetry procedure inevitable. There are many reasons for these differences in breast asymmetry, such as congenital genetics, breastfeeding, menopause, weight gain, and wrong bra use.

The procedures to be performed in Breast Asymmetry take shape according to the patient's condition. For example, if there is a problem with the position and size of the patient's nipple or heads, only a corresponding operation is performed.

The breast asymmetry correction process takes about 1-2 hours under general anesthesia, you can go home the next day and continue your social life after 1 week of rest.

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Facial area filling procedures

In the filling treatment, a soluble and harmless substance is applied to the area where the patients complain and the appearance defects are eliminated. Filling treatment is very suitable for individuals who are afraid of aesthetics or who want to get rid of their problems without surgery, and while it allows them to overcome these problems, it also makes them look more warmly towards aesthetics.
It is frequently preferred for worn and aging skin structures to achieve a young and lively appearance.

The most common application area is the face area. It is applied to people who complain of facial wrinkles and scars. It is also preferred with the deterioration of the face shape over time. It is also applied for people with impaired facial ovality to regain their old facial features and is preferred for problems seen mainly in the lips, marionette scratches, nasolabial grooves and cheekbone area. Apart from these, it is also preferred in the correction of the dimples in the temple area, correction of the disorders seen in the nose, and correction of the disorders seen in the chin and eyebrows.

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Chin and cheek shaping aesthetics

According to the type of chin aesthetics, it is applied in two different areas as chin filing and chin tip aesthetics. Since chin aesthetics is also related to the face structure of the person, it should be done in accordance with the structure of your face.
Chin rasp treatment is usually performed to reduce the chins that are not too long and are performed with operations that require general surgery. In chin aesthetics, which is the second method in chin aesthetics, the general structure of the chin is not deteriorated. If the patient has a short jaw structure, extension can be achieved with the help of special screws.

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Eyelid aesthetic

Eyes and eyelids, which are the constant elements of aesthetics and beauty, are also the first areas where signs of aging are observed on the face. From the early thirties onwards, accumulation and sagging of the upper eyelid, bagging begins to occur with the outward herniation of the under-eye fat tissue in the lower eyelids, the length of the eyelid becomes longer, and wrinkles called crow's feet occur at the edges of the eyes depending on the mimics.

Plastic surgeries for eyelids; These are surgical interventions that aim to remove the accumulations, sagging, bagging, collapses, bruises and wrinkles called "crow's feet" on the eyelids, thus providing a young and dynamic appearance. In eye contour aesthetics, the upper eyelid is evaluated together with the eyebrows and forehead, and the lower eyelid is evaluated together with the cheek. Excess skin on the upper eyelids is removed, clumps and sagging are removed, and eyebrows are raised if necessary. If the eyelids are droopy, the muscles that lift the eyelids are shortened and the eyelids are lifted. If there are sunken eyes, they can be filled with oil. In the lower eyelid, the impaired eyelid and cheek relationship is corrected. The fats that are bagged on the lower lid are removed and carried on the cheek. If necessary, fat injections are made on the cheek and around the eyes.

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Closed endoscopic rhinoplasty

Closed surgical procedures are increasingly preferred in rhinoplasty. The use of endoscopy while performing closed procedures creates advantages such as less swelling, returning to work quickly or being active quickly, in accordance with the requirements of the modern age. Since the endoscope magnifies a structure and transfers it to the screen, it helps in providing millimetric control in the process. Even 1 mm difference in rhinoplasty can create a beautiful nose. The use of the endoscope is very advantageous in an operation where fine work is so important. In the operation, the operation is performed through the nose with a telescope with a diameter of 2 mm. The image at the tip of the telescope is transferred to the screen. The operation is performed by looking at the image transferred to the screen as enlarged. The larger image allows the preservation of anatomical structures and ensures that the procedure can be performed very sensitively and carefully. This method also gives the chance to illuminate areas that are difficult to see and illuminate, such as the nose, and to see places that cannot be seen by the eye.

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Almond eye aesthetics

Almond Eye Aesthetics is to pull the eye slightly upwards to make the eye appear larger and to have a deeper expression of the gaze. Most of the time, the expression that is tried to be given with make-up is ensured to be permanent.

Local anesthesia is performed before Almond Eye Aesthetics, which is a surgical procedure. After numbness, an incision is made in the outer upper corner of the eye and the eye is pulled upwards with a special surgical thread. Suspension tissue is fixed to the bone membrane. Almond Eye shape is achieved. 3-4 stitches are taken, removed after 1 week, no scar is left. The operation takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

In rhinoplasty What are the techniques used?

There are two techniques in rhinoplasty, open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty.

Açık burun estetiğinde, burun altından bir kesi ile burnun içeriği ortaya konularak yapılan burun estetiğidir. Kapalı burun estetiğinde ise dışarıdan görünen herhangi bir kesi olmadan endoskopik aletlerle içerideki yapılarak görülerek burna şekil vermektir.

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